What does a megalomaniac narcissist fear most? Yes, to lose. So we are introducing the new global hashtag: #losertrump. It will be a regular feature in these pages.


Tough on China? At the first telephone call, #losertrump loses his mettle and accommodates the new superpower with a one-nation-policy.

Another defeat. #losertrump loses the second court case. See you in court again? Sure, buddy, and you will get another beating.

Too dumb to understand the law? Court explains to #losertrump that his presidential order was very badly prepared.

Afraid of Putin? #losertrump signals to end the sanctions against Russia.

Not very bright people around him. #losertrump has to «counsel» his most trusted counsel Kellyanne Conway.

Flogging a dead horse? #losertrump needs buddies to flog his daughter Ivanka’s stuff.

Uncool, or what. #losertrump wears a bathrobe and can’t even admit it.

Defeated. #losertrump loses his first court case – many to follow.

Billionaire? Humbug! #losertrump still hasn’t published his tax returns. Maybe some of his billions are just a figment of his imagination.

Afraid to walk alone? #losertrump has to take the hand of matron Theresa May when he meets her fierce gaze.

Afraid of strangers? #losertrump has to allay his fears and hide behind a huge wall.

Not very popular. #losertrump has been snubbed by the Mexican president who cancelled a meeting with him.

Popular? #losertrump lost the contest of the audiences at the most recent inaugurations by half a million.

Popular mandate? Bah! #losertrump lost the popular vote by three million votes.


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