Keeping track with #losertrump

  • Director of communications fires chief of staff; new chief of staff fires DoC: just another day at the madhouse of #losertrump

  • So your first chief of staff was a «fucking paranoid schizophrenic»? Well, it took one to choose one, #losertrump

  • Trumpcare: Gone up in smoke, dopehead. When will you try to fill this void of a plan with another void, #losertrump?

  • Obamacare: Another vote, another disaster: You can’t even control the Republican party,  #losertrump

  • Parliament doesn’t trust you on all matters Russian – maybe Putin can give you a pat on your big head, #losertrump

  • Opposing LGBT people in the military – #losertrump, are you afraid of something in your closet?

  • So you have to wheel out a nine-year-old as your last fan, #losertrump. How truly SAD.

  • Good riddance to Sean Spicer, your biggest fan – is there anybody left to rant at at four o’clock in the morning, #losertrump?

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