A bunch from September

– Oh dear, the NBA champs Golden State Warriors don’t want to have anything to do with this #losertrump

– Oh dear, the NFL champs as well want have nothing to do with this #losertrump, BAD sport.

– Needing the Democrats to hammer out a deal on immigration – that sure is a winner with your voters, #losertrump

– Even Sean Spicer is mocking you at the Emmy’s, so you are the last man drowning #losertrump

– And still no Emmy for your life-time achievement of bullying, cheating and lying – the eternal #losertrump

– Supporting the wrong guy for the Senate – losing seems to become something of a habit, #losertrump

– Steve Bannon is no longer a «friend», so who is left in your mad house casino, #losertrump?

– The bill for your security mounts and mounts – hey, #losertrump, are you afraid that someone would steal your toupee?

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