#losertrump, second batch

Hey, #losertrump, what about your travel ban? So there is another defeat by some judge. You know, three strikes and you’re out!

Your first military engagement, and already the first casualties. Will you tell the relatives that this is the mark of a successful commander, #losertrump?

The Mexicans will pay for the wall, you said. And now you have to pencil in some billions in your budget for it: what a loser, #losertrump.

Even Arnie doesn’t love you any more: You really are terminated, #losertrump.

Ask Fox TV, you said when asked an awkward question. So you have to hide behind someone else, because you really are a #losertrump.

So you think you have been tappwired!? Is there nobody else who listens to your ramblings? Sad! #losertrump

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