#losertrump, a fifth batch from May

  • You complain that you are the most maligned president in history. Oh dear, #losertrump, shall I lend you a handkerchief or hold your hand?
  • You wrote you had an AMAZING time remembering the Holocaust, #losertrump – although it is just an invention of the leftwing Hollywood mafia
  • When you are cosying up to the Saudis, you think they will butter your bacon with some more fishy and oily deals, #losertrump?
  • So you do not even realise when you offer the Russians some classified intelligence? Losing your marbles seems to be in your blood, #losertrump
  • Sacking FBI-chief Comey: Obviously, #losertrump, you are feeling something is coming your way
  • Sacking him because of «horrible Hillary». No, because of this «Russian thing» – sorry, folks, it is difficult to keep taps in my muddled mind
  • Climate change? Hoax! I will build an axis of strong independent countries with Nicaragua and Syria. Trust me, friends, for I am #losertrump
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