Image: Stefan Howald

From George Orwell to Football: This website presents many books and articles which are concerned with the relationship between English-speaking and German-speaking cultures. On this side you will find some English texts covering a wide range of topics, from Eric Ambler, the foremost political thriller writer; to Stuart Hood, a true European spirit; to Philosophy Football, a unique adventure; to a comparison between two insular states, namely England and Switzerland. On news you will find topic reports, some of it in English, and in my bookcase there is a wide range of books to buy.


  • A tangled web. Stuart Hood, Rosa Meyer-Leviné and Renée Goddard [pdf 302 KB]
  • Baron Munchausen. Back to Germany – With Interest. A new German Edition of Baron Munchausen’s Adventures Sparks a Lively Intercultural Exchange.
    September 2016 [pdf 502 KB]
  • Moyamoya – two movingly drawn graphic novels for children, showing how a disease affecting the brain can be cured [pdf 80 KB]
  • A new theoretical paradigm. Wolfgang Fritz Haug is a Marxist philosopher who should finally be recognised in the English-speaking world. [pdf 13 KB]
  • Eric Ambler – the first ever biography on one of the leading thriller writers of the 20th century [biography, pdf 47 KB / interview pdf 66 KB]
  • Insular thinking. Great Britain and Switzerland: Two countries – one attitude? [pdf 28 KB]
  • Britain, Germany and Switzerland – a cultural perspective.
    2004 [pdf 49 KB]
  • «Bush is turning the USA into a garrison state». Interview with Richard Rorty. Soundings 28, London December 2004, 184-192 [pdf 86 KB].
  • Changing Countries – a study of oral history about the experience and achievement of German-speaking exiles from Hitler in Britain from 1933 to today [pdf 35 KB, text sample pdf 64 KB]
  • Stuart Hood. A Scottish writer and translator, a true European homme de lettres [pdf 121 KB]
  • George Orwell. 1984 and thereafter [pdf 46 KB]
  • Philosophy Football – the team which plays with intellectual distinction. Legends refuse to be put out to grass. 2005 [pdf 121 KB]. The heart of the matter. 2003 [pdf 142 KB]. «All that I know most surely about morality and obligations, I owe to football». 2003 [pdf 38 KB] [www.philosophyfootballfc.org.uk]
  • Hollow victory for the German left? By Stefan Howald. Soundings 22, London December 2002, 95-100.
  • Karl Viktor von Bonstetten – A Swiss visitor in Berkshire in the 18th century. Why the English did have quite a lot of liberty, but not enough spoons to eat properly. 1997. [pdf 302 KB]

Much more is to be found on the German pages of the website, but English publishers might even be interested in the translation of the first biography on Eric Ambler or of an in-depth study in Insular Thinking (contact@stefanhowald.ch).